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Catfights (899)
Females locked in hand to hand combat? YES! These are nonfatal apartment wrestling, foxy boxing, bikini judo and other erotic fight sites. Girl on girl wrestling is incredibly popular on the internet and common everywhere from movies, tv shows, cartoons and commercials. Similar sites include Femdom, Giantess, Huge Muscles, Amazons and Girls With Guns.

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Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

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Celebrity Female Fantasy WrestlingYah: Fantasy female celebrity wrestling matchups.
Chang HuaYah: Matches between poser chicks with the winner decided by votes.
Chaos VideoCat: Full video downloads available for purchase.
Charlee ChaseYah: Superhot, blonde, busty catfighting girl also into bondage.
Charlee ChaseMySpace: Private MySpace page for a superhot busty, catfighting blonde.
Cheergirl FightVID: I just wanna watch sexy cheerleaders fight.
Cheerleader Gangbang
VID: Catfight Gangbang - Sexy cheerleader Audrey getting banged up by horny lesbians.
Cheryl Rusa FansYah: dedicated to the most electrifying women in sports entertainment today, Cheryl "Lightning" Rusa (aka. Cheryl Russo). - Sexfighting!Free: Female to female erotic competition.
Choke HoldsYah: F/F and some M/M wrestling ending with a choke out.
Chris Sabin FanclubYah: Fan club of NWA and MXPW superstar Chris Sabin.
Classic Catfight Collection on G.E-HentaiG.E-Hentai: Some classic B&W, 2D art of catfights.
Classic Female Wrestling Fem vs FemPPV: Clips4Sale - Sexy female wrestling.
Classic Woman Wrestling VisualizationsYah: This site is for fans of the sport of old school girl wrestling and of other styles. This cyberspace is full of martial boots in action. Most all the pioneers and legends of pay for pain are here.
Club Belly PunchWeb: Hot chicks getting punched in the stomach - usually bikini-clad and in a ring!
Club CatfightPay: Hot and Private Two Girl CatFight Shows - Only done in person.
Combative Women on DeviantartDeviantart: Group - A group for women in combat.
Comic Catfight BaseYah: Comicbook catfights like Lady Death/Vampirella or Purgatori/Demonslayer.
Comic ScannersYah: Superheroines, body painting, bondage, guns, swords, catfighting, knock-outs, girl magicians.
Comparison Catfight
Update: Office Catfights - Celeste Star; Penthouse Pet and Hustler Centerfold vs Carli Banks; Penthouse Pet and bikini babe.
Competitive EnterprisesPay: Paysite and video sales of fem/fem and mixed wrestling.
Competitive EnterprisesCat: Token gallery and videos of bare-fisted battles between the sexes, erotically charged...
Corals CoveYah: Group for a pretty catfighter and bikini model.
Cordelia: Series Flickr: A general series of photos including a boxing female knock-out and a few sleepy pics.
Cosmic SlayerJP: Japanese live superheroine site including a little catfighting and bondage.
Count ECO's WankingJP: Cute anime art including femdom, hand jobs and video game girls.
Creative FilmsYah: The Yahoo group for 'Special Interests' - includes lift & carry, cat fighting, arm wrestling, muscle worship and smothering.
Crimson HawkPay: Original art, Poser pics and Photos of beautiful superheroines in combat or in peril.
Crotch AttacksYah: Females attacking the groins of males and other females.
Crystal CatfightingPPV: Featuring beautiful girls in real Catfighting. A video on demand and membership site for Crystal Films.
Crystal CatfightingYah: Sample photos for the defunct Crystal Hot bikini wrestling girls.
Cunt BustingYah: Art and photos of girls getting smacked in the groin while fighting in the ring.
Curvy FightPPV: Clips4Sale - Videos of curvy women wrestling.
Custom Forced Orgasm Videos - Seductive StudiosPPV: Clips4Sale - Custom fetish videos including Sleepy, Superheroines, Orgasms, Fetish, Bondage, Daphne, Arm Wrestling, Hiccups and Tickling.
DaleCar on Deadly Amazons!
DeadlyAmazons: DaleCar's non-lethal 3D art of powerful women with guns or swords! Check out DaleCar's awesome catfight stories!
DaleCar on DeviantArtDeviantart: More of the amazing 3D art of this prolific catfight, amazon, mercenary girl specialist!
DamselstructionPPV: Site where you can download various belly punching clips.
Dangerous LegsPay: Hot girls, great legs, killer scissors! Girls dominating men with scissor holds!
Danube Women's WrestlingPay: PPV - Genuine competitive female wrestling, oil wrestling, erotic wrestling.
Daphne's ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - Fetish video clips including balloon popping, wet & messy, smoking, feet, bondage, gags, armwrestling, knock-outs, dominance,
Dark Eros CenterPPV: Clips4Sale - Wrestling / Catfighting in a variety of locations.
Dark Eros CenterClips4Sale: Girl on girl catfight action sometimes with lesbian action.
Dawn Marie OnlineFree: The official website of WWE Diva, Dawn Marie.
DBoy on Hentai-FoundryHentai-Foundry: Excellent 2D art using popular cartoon and superhero characters. Topics include catfight, femdom, erotic situations, shemales, monster sex, ravishing etc.
Deadly FemalesFree: Mixed wrestling, facesitting & smothering photos & videos.
Deadly Women
Yah: 3D pics of girls in mortal, amazon combat. Girls with swords. Girls with guns.
Deanna Gets Belly Punched!
GAL: Knockout Girlz - A hot blonde gets some pretty powerful belly punishment in the ring.
Delicious-bearhug on DeviantArtDeviantart: Group - Art of women getting bearhugged, usually while wrestling.
Devona vs SugarVID: YouTube - A couple hot chicks in abbreviated clothing pound on each other in the ring.

-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List

Diana Ball: MySpaceMySpace: 5' 10" beautiful muscle diva who acts and participates in mixed wrestling events. Also femdom and lift and carry.
Diana KnightYah: A fetish pin-up model who does a wide variety of high concept fantasy posing. Bondage, Catfight, Superheroine, Vampiress, Vampirella, Ninja, Dragonslayer, Warrioress etc!
Diana the Valkyrie's Amazon SiteHuge website dealing with dominant and powerful women like amazons, musclegirls, femdom etc.
DiaZerva on KinkBomb
PPV: KinkBomb - Beautiful, blonde model and porno chick. Movies include POV, Femdom, F/F & Mixed Catfights, BDSM, Tickling and Teasing.
Dio's Catfight ForumFree: Dio's Femfight Community Message Board
DOA Girls BravoJP: Scantily-clad drawings of the girls from the video game "Dead or Alive". Also, some Girls with Guns pics.
Dominated HeroinesYah: Beautiful superheroines fighting and being defeated by villainous adversaries.
Doom MaidensCat and Sessions: Videos and sessions involving wrestling, domination, lift and carry, strength comparison.
Double TeamYah: For all fans of double team wrestling - 2 girls on one girl.
Double Trouble Internet ClubYah: Pics of the bikini wrestlers from 'Double Trouble'.
Drawing Planet
Pay: The internet's most unique, bizarre and extreme comics. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of drawings!! Sex, romance, bondage, alien encounters, extreme bdsm, vampirism, blood and domination in spades!
Drew Hammond on DevinatartDeviantart: Really hot 2D and 3D art of amazons, foxy boxers and catfighters.
DSB ProductionsFree: Terrific professional artwork by Greg Nichols of superheroines including big breasts, catfighting, bondage, spanking, six packs, girls with guns.
DT/WTBA BoxingYah: Topless female boxing at its best!
Paysite: Online, hardcore, adult comics! Comics with names like "Battle Bitches", "Agents 69", "Lesbination" and "Shen Blade" as well as short, erotic stories.
East Coast CatsCat: Catfight producers featuring girls in bikinis wrestling on a yellow mat.
Eastcoast IRL Mixed WrestlingYah: For peaple who enjoy mixed wrestling in real life any style from competitive to fantasy.
Ebony Ayes Cat Fight QueenYah: Yahoo Club for Ebony Ayes, the catfight queen.
Ebony Dominatrix Goddessmax Of AtlantaPay: Exquisite ebony beatdowns, ballbusting, scissor sessions and foot worship.
Eighteen Year Old Female & Male WrestlingPPV: Clips4Sale - Clips of eighteen year old girls in mixed wrestling situations - usually destroying their male opponents.
Enter the PythonYah: Ancient, forbidden form that women use in attacks on men.
EroJP: High-quality, anime artwork involving cute anime chicks like amazons, latex, fairies, catgirls, martial artist girls, tiny girls.
Erotic SuperheroinesPPV: By Risque Renee, Alex and company - Beautiful superheroines involved in f/f, catfight, humiliation, kryptonite, medical fetish, mind control, necro, smoking, sprain, tickling, unmasking, wet and messy.
Euro Fighting GirlsFree: The increasing number of European girls who take part in genuine boxing and wrestling matches bothclothed and topless.
European Fight ClubPPV: FetishVideos - Tons of catfighting PPVs with a lot of female domination, face sitting and some superheroines.
EvacontroevaFree: An Italian blog site that creates mostly illustrated fantasy matches like... Uma Trumbmann vs Vagina Seminova.
Everage Episode 1VID: An amateur video series about amazons and ninjas.
Evil BabesYah: Art and pics of female domination, latex, catfighting, muscle girls and facesitting.
Evil Unicorn
Sexyamazons: Really superlative 3D graphic artist! Her renders commonly include amazon girls and some cuntbusting. Winner of the 1st Sexyamazons art contest!
Evil Women MoviesPPV: Online movies of beautiful, vicious, supernatural girls on murderous rampages. Vampiresses and a possesed chick take the lives of those around them.
Evil ZebraYah: The most evil referee on the internet shows pics of his favorite female wrestlers.
Experimental Bikini WrestlingFlickr: A bikini wrestling performance piece.
Extreme CatfightingCat: Tapes of hot chicks in half-shirts pummeling heck out of each other.
Extreme Catfights on DeadlyAmazons.comSee the new Extreme Catfights on Deadly Amazons!


One of these girls dies in Jerrie's incredible VOE comic! Click to find out who.


One of these girls dies in Dr Edgar Slam's Large Angry Women comic! Click to find out who.


Nocturna and Valenthia fight to the death in the DeadlyAmazons Forum:

Click here for the fight.

Nocturna [4:13 PM]: I leap out of my corner and rush towards you with blood in my eye.

Varethia [4:14 PM]: When the bell finally rings, I rush at you as well, eager to get my first kill. "I'm going to squirt on your corpse!" I yell, throwing a punch right for your throat!

Nocturna [4:15 PM]: I duck and deliver a powerful blow to your right tit! "Right in those over-sized tits! You know I'm going to be paying attention to those!"

Varethia [4:16 PM]: I let out a scream as your fist collides with my huge right tit, stopping me in my tracks. "You slut!" I scream, trying to throw another punch at you

Nocturna [4:16 PM]: I smash your other tit gleefully. "You fucking big-breasted freak, you should be in porn, not in a ring getting killed!"

Varethia [4:20 PM]: I let out another sexy scream as my tits bounce from your blows, causing me to stumble back against the ropes and falling on them. The crowd cheers!

Extreme Femdom: Bikini WarsYah: 2D art of women wrestling and femdom where you decide the fate of each victim. Includes vampires, shemales, smothering and some deaths.
Extreme Femdoom: ClassicsYah: Mr Julius' 2D art involving catfights and female domination.
Extreme Lesbian Catfight
Pay: An extremely wealthy European's private video collection. Struggles between two beautiful women are always a turn-on. If the fight is good, followed by both women becoming sexually aroused by each other, the ultimate in eroticism can be reached.
Extreme Women GroupYah: Includes catfightes, boxers, muscle girls, strangling, lifting and carrying.
Eyeteeth on DeviantartDeviantart: Excellent 3D artist whose work focuses on a sort of videogame parody view of gorgeous fighting females. Lots of gore, guns, swords, spies, superheroes and swordswomen!
Eyeteeth's Doomed HeroinesSexy 3d comics featuring lots of gore!
Pay: Fantasy Female Fights! 100% Hardcore Female Catfights - Beautiful women playing fetish domination games and indulging in Fantasy Female Fights!
Fab1rr on DeviantartDeviantart: Good 2D art of girls boxing each other - usually topless. Some amazons.
Facesitters-Queening ForumYah: A forum celebrating the erotic fetish of LADIES sitting on male or female faces and being in control!
Faile 35 GalleryDeviantart: Really well done fantasy art including women in collars controlled by hybrid/animal males, a woman bound in a cellar, a woman attacked by evil tentacles, bondage, hybrids - some catfights.
Family vs Family Fight StoriesFree: A messageboards featuring female fight stories.
Fanman's StoriesYah: Stories concerning catfighting and sexfighting. The owner is Fanman but everyone who wishes may contribute.
FantasyMySpace: A gorgeous female pro-wrestler.
Fantasy Foxy BoxingYah: Beautiful female boxers- sometimes photomanipped.
Fantasy Mixed WrestlingPPV: Clips4Sale - Men and women in fantasy, mixed wrestling including head scissors, sleeper holds, camel cluthces etc.
Fantasy Wrestling MoviesPay: Hot bikini girls and superheroines locked in combat.
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-- Top 100s --
Top Catfight Miss Lexi Best 100 Catfights
Top 50 Femfight Catfight List