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Tall Girls
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Tall Girls

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Tall Girls (80)
This category is dedicated to tall girls, really tall girls, but not giants. Most of these girls are over six feet tall and some are remarkably beautiful. Tall girls are prized by legmen because their legs are sometimes longer then the height of a small woman. Similar categories are Growth/Shrinking and Huge Muscles.

About Admirers of Beautiful Tall WomenFlickr: Not For Short Guys. This is for the very few TALL men who like a girl to look them in the eye when they kiss them.
Amazon Alana LonglegsYah: Pretty, 6' 3 amazon.
Amazon Amanda And FriendsPay: Hot femdom: amazon by height, bbw by size and goddess by nature
Amazon Astrid's Fetish ClipsPPV: Clips4Sale - A 6'5" tall beauty doing height comparison, role-playing, dominating and trampling!
Amazon Bitches
PPV: A number of links to Mistress Taylor PPVs including subjects like ruined orgasms, femdom, smothering, tease & denial, big breasts, catfight, carrying, humiliation, size comparisons etc.
Amazon CinthiaYah: A tall, strong girl who lifts, dominates and tramples men!
Amazon Goddess AmandaYah: Home of the 6'3, 386 lb Amazon Amanda... Inside you will find everything from Height-size comparisons, lifting/carrying, facesitting, smothering, tickling, trampling, Domination, and basically Me doing what I Love.
Amazon Lover BlogFree: A blog featuring photos of tall, beautiful women.
Amazon Watch UKYah: Tall and/or muscled-up women from the UK.
PPV: Amazonmania, powerful amazons taking control. Muscle girls, carrying, mixed wrestling, scissor holds, biceps, trampling, tall girls, flexing, men begging for their lives!
Amazons TallYah: The tallest and strongest women on the planet.
Bandit's Toshia Art GalleryFree: Bandit's excellent artwork featuring Toshia, a large amazon warrioress who is often captured and tortured.
Pay: Rendered comics and animations of huge breasted giantesses. features rendered comics and animations of incredibly huge breasted giantesses. Material on the site is themed around Giantess Growth and Breast Expansion.
Bunny GlamazonPay: Super popular B actress selling giantess videos and more.
Bunny Glamazon's Fetish ClipPPV: Clips4Sale - The 6' 3" Bunny Glamazon indulges in lifting, facesitting, comparisons, humiliation, human furniture, spanking, domination, wrestling, foot worship, trampling.
Bunny Glamazons ArchiveYah: Bunny Glamazon is admired by fans all over the globe. She combines soft feminine beauty, curves and style, with great strength and size. 6ft 3 (191cm) tall and a powerful physique that retains gorgeous female proportions.
Cam Sex With Quinn69
Creative, playful and intense fetish skype sex and femdom sessions.
Compare Your Height to Tall WomenYah: Pics of women over 6 feet tall.
FantasiaxPeeps: xPeeps page for the very hot, busty and tall Fantasia.
Femme De Grande TailleFree: A French language site for very tall or giantess women.
Francesca Capiccinini, Mad AboutYah: Group for a pretty, 6 foot tall volleyball player.
Gentle GiantessYah: Excellent yahoo group (though the messages look to be mostly spam) with photos and videos of giantesses, tall girls, large girls, huge breasts and female dominance.
Get Baby Next to Tall WomenYah: Pics and photomanips of 7-10 foot tall women.
Gianna Michaels: My Stacked Wife
Pay: Website for Gianna Micheals, a beautiful 5'10 135lbs 34 DD titties goddess! She is 26 and with an insatiable appetite for sex! Lots of hot, XXX sex with a woman built for sin.
Gianna Michaels: YahooYah: Gorgeous, 5' 10" tall, big breasted, big butted pornstar.
Giantess EQYah: Art and photos of growing and giant women - between 10 and 15 feet tall!
Girls Tied Up Tight!Pay: Beautiful girls in bondage, tied, whipped, tormented and tortured
Goddess SeveraPay: 6'5 amazon dominatrix into lifting, wrestling, dom and more.
Growth SpurtsYah: Tall girls and girls undergoing growth spurts.
Growth Spurts 2Yah: Tall girls and girls undergoing growth spurts.
Heather HavenYah: Six and a half foot tall girl who does a couple lifts.
Heather's HavenYahoo: Official fan club for 6 foot 5 inch Heather Haven.
Jelena Jensen and Tall Goddess
Gal: Jelena Jensen in a latex corset is confronted by the hot, tall goddess in a tiny, fetish bikini holding a blaster. Girl on girl action quickly follows.
Judy GoldFree: Pretty, tall comedienne and actress.
Juicy FlawlessFree: Fansite dedicated to kiwi actress lucy lawless.
Kaikura Tall ModelsPay: An online photo magazine, dedicated to model photography of tall women.
Lingster on DeviantArtDeviantart: Good transformation art including giantess, muscle growth, breast enlargement, superheroines,
Look AroundYah: Photos of tall women, especially compared to regular sized men.
Mannequin Fetish
Pay: Photo galleries of female mannequins dressed in their shiny finest.
Mikayla MilesFacebook: A FaceBook account for 6' 4 - Mile High Mikayla.
Mini GiantessYah: Photomanips and art of 10-12 foot tall women.
Mini Giantess 2Yah: Photos of regular tall women and photomanips of giantesses.
Mistress Destiny's Femdom ForumsSite dedicated to trample and face-sit scenes plus more fem-dom
Queen RaquiPay: Huge, SSBBW girl into face-sitting, crushing, squashing, trampling, lifting, foot fetish and balloon fetish.
Real Amazon GirlYah: Group for Detri, the 6 foot 6 inch tall model.
SkytrissYah: 6' 6 tall Amazonian blonde who likes to show off her height!
Smalls, Talls and MegadollsFree: Photomanips of giant girls - from just 7' to skyscraper size.
Sunee Tu on FaceBookFacebook: Page - Dominant, powerful women including BBWs, Tall girls, Giantesses, Muscular women, Carrying.
Suzanna McGeeFree: Ms Natural Olympia, 6 ft bodybuilder and tennis player.

Tall Amazon Women LoversYah: Pics of girls who are taller than most men.
Tall Amazons and GiantessesYah: Tall women and amazon giantesses! Share your pictures movies and GTS art here. Shrunken man/SM is also acceptable.
Tall and Petite LesbiansYah: Girl/girl action where one is substantially taller than the other. Lots of lift and carries.
Tall Beautiful ModelsYah: Mostly about Aly, a 7' 2" (in heels) model.
Tall Girl with Long LegsMySpace: Group featuring hot, tall chicks with long legs.
Tall GurlzMySpace: A MySpace group for respectable tall girls.
Tall SisYah: Group about girls who have taller, younger sisters who can beat them up.
Tall StoriesYah: Tall, taller, tallest women and girls. Giantess, lift and carry poser stories and art.
Tall WomanYah: A series of groups celebrating tall women - includes lots of lift and carry. Add the numbers 2-14 to the end of the URL to see the overflow groups.
Tall Women LoversYah: For lovers of beautiful, tall (not giant) women..
Tall Women SharingYah: A place for all to post pics/videos of tall (near giantess) women. Mostly photomanips of regular girls looking to be 8 to 9 feet tall.
Tall Women, Just Good VidsYouTube: Videos of beautiful, tall women
Tall Women.orgFree: A resource for all those interested in women over 6 feet tall.
Tallest Known WomenYah: Pics of the tallest women in history.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Toshia's JunglePay: Bandit's oil paintings of a tall amazon who finds herself in all sorts of trouble.
Upsite-Down.comPay: An online photo magazine, dedicated to height fantasy and tall women.
Very Tall GirlsYah: Photos of some very tall girls - real.
Women Under MenYah: Masters Slaves Tortures Facesitting Amazons Dominas BBWS BBW Fetishes Tickling BUTT Shemale Transexual
Wysokie KobietyYah: Photos of regular tall women, photomanips of giantesses and some femdom pics.
XalynneFree: 3D graphics of tall, thick, big-breasted amazons. Armor, lingerie, near-nudity. Adult part includes bondage, nudity, pregnancy, urination, forced sex, monster sex.